Health Benefits Of Active Release Chiropractic Denver Treatment

Active release chiropractic treatment a soft tissue therapy used by chiropractors and qualified professionals. It was designed to help restore movement and optimal function of muscles, tendons and ligaments, even through the body. This is intended to help release the nerves and blood vessels that may have been trapped inside the muscles and ligaments. Liberation treatment of assets has been used to help correct many different disorders in people of all ages. The headaches were eliminated, back pain was relieved, and even carpal tunnel patients have achieved a huge reduction in pain.

back pain treatment

Shoulder pain is a disease that can be treated with the patented active release treatment. Due to problems with soft tissues do not always respond to other treatment and care. Chiropractor Denver in Colorado has developed several active release chiropractic techniques to help patients who have not been lucky enough to find shelter elsewhere.

People who generally have a job or lifestyle that has to sit for extended periods of time may find this type of treatment to help the scar tissue that forms from the hostile stance. When the scar tissue adheres to the joints, nerves can become trapped which can cause pain and additional discomfort. Active release chiropractic therapy actually works to remove these adhesions scar tissue. A qualified Chiropractor, who is authorized to perform the treatment of active release, should always be used to ensure that you can be sure and more damage was not maintained.

Watch this video


The same treatment can sometimes be painful depending on the severity of the condition, but each treatment usually lasts no more than 15 minutes, and in fact, may last a minimum of five minutes. Chiropractor Denver uses his hands to locate the affected areas and contacts the scar tissue, at which time the patient muscles moves through a full range of motion to assist with the process of release of scar tissue in the muscles or joints. Active release chiropractic treatment may take several sessions before the scar tissue is completely removed, but the improvement may be evident in the first couple of days after the first session.

It is important to ensure that you are working with a certified professional when undergoing treatment for active release therapy.

If you want to consult with a certified and knowledgeable Chiropractor Denver in Colorado, check this site.


Stuck in Snow Traffic

Good morning friends 🙂

It took a longggggg time to get into work this morning 🙁 I walked outside and saw the sidewalk covered in snow and I got so confused. It snowed yesterday, which was expected, but the sun came out later in the day and the snow melted. Then it came back this morning… and resulted in me getting stuck in traffic for two hours on my way in to work. But… I was prepared this morning, and for that, I am happy 🙂

I told you yesterday that I was having a rough week the week before and I wanted to get back into my routine. This morning, I stuck to the plan. Coffee and Oatmeal made at home, and I loved it 🙂

oatmeal at home

Creamy oatmeal, I love you so much.

coffee at home

But coffee, I think I love you more than anything. Actually, I know I do. <3

Here’s the coffee we buy from Costco, it’s my favorite! <3

costco coffee

135 cups for about $17.00- a medium coffee purchased at Dunkin’ Donuts is $1.90… shall we do the math or is it clear that it’s much cheaper to make it at home? I really believe I save so much money when I prepare food at home and it’s something that I really want to focus on doing more. Is it just me guys or is it just funner to buy everything ready? I honestly prefer my breakfast and coffee at home, but lunch… lunch is another story.!

The coffee helped me survive traffic this morning. I can handle anything as long as I have my coffee with me <3

traffic coffee

I snapped a beautiful picture of Rock Creek Parkway in Washington DC this morning. I drive through here every morning and I love this part the most. As annoying as the snow can be, it is also so beautiful and I love how it looks in pictures.

rock creek

So pretty.

I’m plan on going to the gym tonight guys.. who’s going to get a workout in today? I’m looking forward to a nice sweat sesh 🙂



Gym Clothes To-Go

Good morning friends 🙂

I woke up this morning and did the usual routine- turned the coffee pot on within 2 minutes of waking up. Priorities.

I then went to grab the small pot I make oatmeal in and couldn’t find it. I panicked and thought “ugh, should I just grab something on my way in to work?”- NO. No no no no no.

So, what did I do? Grabbed the frying pan and made oatmeal in it. lol

oatmeal in pan


oatmeal this am

I’m loving this oatmeal combo, I think you guys can tell. I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t like oatmeal. I’m happy I played around with it and figured out exactly how I like it- I mean, love it 🙂

So, let’s talk about yesterday’s plan to workout… it didn’t happen 🙁

Remember I got stuck in traffic coming in yesterday morning? I ended up staying late at work and crashing after dinner when I got home last night. This morning, I was so upset that I didn’t get a workout in yesterday. So what did I do?

gym clothes ready

I grabbed my gym clothes and threw them on the couch so that I wouldn’t forget them this morning. The plan is to go immediately after work- no excuses. I have everything I need so I don’t have to stop at home first.

Does anyone else do this? Honestly, I would rather go in the morning because I know it’s harder to go after a long day at work. However, I think having my clothes on me will help me because I will feel bad if I don’t put them to use.

What do you do to make sure you fit your workout in? I hope my plan is a success today. I will definitely put a picture up on instagram (@CoffeeLoveHealthJourney) this evening so you guys can hold me accountable 😉

Have a great day!! xoxo


Motivate the Mind: Being Positive & Optimistic

Hello friends 🙂

I’ve been MIA for about a week… not cool, not cool. I’m sorry. 🙁 Forgive me? Please? Okay good 🙂

I’m checking in with you guys today because last night I told myself “that’s it, you gotta get back into doing what you love and what makes you happy.” So, I’m writing you all this morning 🙂

todays desk

Notice the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup? I’ve been on a kick lately, going to the DD drive-thru to pick up my coffee on my way to work instead of making it at home. I love Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, it’s actually what I use when I make coffee at home. I haven’t been doing that too much this past week, though:

If you read my last post, you know I was feeling a bit blue last week. When I start thinking too much and getting worried, I tend to feel weighed down. I go into my “don’t care about anything” mood. And do you know what that mood means? It means I  stop doing whatever is in my routine (like, for example, making my coffee and breakfast at home each morning- hence the “to go” coffee cups appearing so much this past week). I don’t like going into this mood because clearly, it’s not a happy mood. Even if it’s easier to “not care about anything,” it doesn’t necessarily make me happy. It doesn’t make me happy at all, as a matter of fact. I spend more money, I don’t exercise- and guess what that does? It stresses me out. Clearly, not a great cycle to be in.

When I feel like I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m not in control of a situation, I think I worry so much and I stop controlling even the things that are in my control. I guess it makes me feel like I might as well give up on everything since I can’t control everything. That’s not a smart way to think and it also isn’t a positive way to think. Please don’t get me wrong- I am an extremely positive person. I get weighed down by the negativity of others and I need to accept that I just simply can’t control how other people think or feel. But, I can control how I feel. No matter how upset I am, working out and eating healthy always makes me happy. I need to focus on that because what’s better than focusing on the positive? It’s always better than focusing on the negative. And I need to remind myself that.


I am going to focus on being positive and not letting my mind wonder and worry. If my mind is motivated and happy, I have no doubt I will feel more motivated and happy. Am I rambling on guys or do I make sense? I’m thinking out loud here, clearly, but I think you get the point 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog, you have read this post and you kind of get an idea of why I am stressing a little too much about the future. I believe that it’s all in God’s hands and we aren’t psychic- we simply never know what’s going to happen next in our lives. But that’s the beauty about life, it’s full of surprises- some make us happy and some make us sad. However, we are  in control of a huge part of our lives, and that’s how we make ourselves feel. Aside from any stress, hardship, or crazy situation we might be in, are we treating ourselves with the love and patience we would hope others would give us during a tough time? I believe it’s so important that we love ourselves and do whatever it is we need to do to make ourselves feel good, regardless of how stressful life might be.

love yourself (oh how I love this picture! <3)

I know what makes me feel good- and that’s taking care of me, exercising, eating healthy, making food at home (it’s healthier and cheaper!), and being optimistic. There’s nothing more I love than seeing the people I love happy, but that means I should focus on what makes me happy, also. So I’m here to say I’m back doing what makes me happy 🙂 I know I’ve been struggling with this “on and off” thing, but I hope I can motivate you to stay “on” in case you are struggling with this too. I know all the blogs I read and all the ladies I follow on instagram always motivate me to continue trying to be the best me I can be, and I hope I can motivate you to do the same 🙂



Weddings & Work, Oh my!

Gooooooood morning beautiful people!

I feel super excited to be writing this morning, like I am catching up with a girlfriend and updating her about all the craziness going on in life right now. I feel like all my readers are my girlfriends, so, same thing 🙂 Let’s have coffee and talk 😉



I finished a deadline for work and it’s been SO crazy trying to get everything done, but, I did it! I must say, my blogging under stress is not going well, clearly. But I want to get better. I NEED to get better. I really need to focus on handling my stress better- who’s with me? It might sound weird guys, but when things are crazy and I think of my blog- I swear I feel this big sense of relief and excitement. Like this is my getaway. I’m so thankful for it. And so thankful for anyone who’s reading and sharing my story with me <3

So here are some updates. One of my younger brothers is getting married next month. Also, I just found out that my younger sister, who is engaged to her fiance who lives in Texas, just got a job in the DMV. And guess what else? HE DID TOO!! So that means she is staying here… yayyyyyyyyy!!!! With the two of them finally settling in the same area, I think they will probably start planning a wedding soon. Two siblings, two weddings- what does that mean? Two dresses, of course 😉

Anyone who has been on a weight-loss journey understands the stress associated with big events. I automatically think “I want to look nice, I have to look nice- I can’t have another special event pass feeling like I don’t feel my best and everyone else does.”

So, with that said, I plan on getting my butt into gear- with or without stressful things going on at home/in my life/etc. I have to make my health a priority! We all do <3

Also, tomorrow’s pay day and I need to tackle my credit card bill- I’m not excited. At all.

I think it might be time to make a budget and knock out any debt I have- because that is also causing me stress and discomfort. I think meal planning is in order- I know I spend way too much money buying food instead of bringing it from home… ugh why does it have to taste so much better when I don’t prepare it? lol

Stay tuned for all the updates in planning to tackle my bills and MAKING SURE to fit in my workouts. For now though, back to work.

my desk

Oh, and a picture of the sky from last night after it rained- you know I love me a pretty sky 🙂

sky last night

Have a great day 🙂 xoxo


Sensitive Teeth – Causes And Preventions

The life of those who suffer from dental hypersensitivity is not comfortable. Simple acts and should be pleasurable, how to enjoy a good coffee or indulge in a warm soup, become actual torture. What are the causes of this so common evil among the USA, how to treat it and say goodbye to the fear of consuming certain foods in the most freezing days of winter.

Low temperatures of winter, have arrived. And as always, they did not come alone. The coldest season of the year is also known for bringing to the table a number of delicacies that are a bit forgotten in other times of the year: fondue, hot chocolate, soup, from various broths … Hmmm, makes your mouth water just thinking!


However, many people are forced to move away from these delights. For this class, simply ingesting a small amount of hot foods which the body responds more quickly than with acute and persistent little pain which originates in the dentition. If you’ve been taken aback by this kind of uncomfortable, be careful: it may be dental hypersensitivity, a problem that affects about 30% of the population. Other types of stimuli, such as drinking cold or very sweet foods can also awaken this painful reaction which characterizes the presence of sensitive teeth.

What causes dental hypersensitivity?

When the protective layer of the tooth enamel is eroded, or even if receding gums, dentin can become exposed. Then this problem begins. Once unprotected, dentin, which is connected via canaliculi to the central nerve of the tooth (pulp), can react with intense pain to stimuli such as cold, heat or feel even more uncomfortable by tooth decay.

Other causes of tooth sensitivity enhancers are bruxism (the habit of tightening and teeth grinding), cross bite and aggressive brushing, causing wear of the teeth and can interfere with their alignment on the gums exposing dentin consequently.

What Causes of receding gums

There are many susceptible to the problem people. They are likely to suffer the discomfort of sensitive teeth when consuming drinks and citrus foods in bulk. So be careful entering this group which includes soft drinks, citrus fruits like pineapple, orange and lemon, tomato, salad dressings with vinegar, among others.

Watch this video


Patients with gastric reflux and eating disorders such as bulimia, are also easier targets, as saliva is charged with the acid present in the stomach and can cause tooth wear.


When you feel the signs of sensitivity, the best way is to visit a dentist who will find the reasons of sensitivity then give appropriate treatment.

You can also address this problem at home with all natural ingredients of Nature’s Smile. NaturesSmile herbal ingredients have the power to fight the source causes of sensitivity and one of the best product for receding gum disease cure naturally.  NS gum balm comes with money back guarantee and has no side effects.

Visit or Call: 1-877-411-1321  

Let’s Talk About “That Time”

Before I start, can we just take a minute to thank God for whoever the genius is out there who decided to combine Sea Salt and Chocolate? Thank you. I love you. Seriously, like, I really love you. When I see a variety of chocolate in front of me, I always go with whatever includes Sea Salt. Have you guys tried this stuff? Amazing.


I made a stop at CVS last night and when I walked passed this, I knew I needed to take some home. I haven’t tried the coconut yet, because obviously from what you just read above, I would go for the Sea Salt first- and oh boy, am I glad I did. It hit the spot at the perfect time.

Last night I was feeling a bit “blah.” It was a frustrating evening and let’s be honest, I just felt like crying and eating chocolate. It’s that time guys, you know, that time- when crying and eating chocolate is the cure for everything. Until you do it and then feel bad about all the chocolate you consumed- yup, you know what I’m talking about Winking smile

We had a last-minute little dinner celebration at our house for my sister-in-law’s birthday last night. I had set out to go get her something nice from the mall and went all the way there to find it was closed. I completely forgot the mall closes early on Sundays. I wanted to do something nice for her so badly and I was so disappointed that I didn’t go earlier. Among other things that I was feeling down about, this was the cherry on top for me and I immediately said to myself “Ugh. I’m gonna go back home and eat cake tonight and just not think about anything.” I felt so down and disappointed and wanted to give up on everything. Dramatic? Yes.

That’s when I went to CVS. I thought I would just get her a gift card from there and that’s where I saw the chocolate. I stopped and told myself, “instead of cake, buy this dark chocolate and enjoy a piece. Instead of getting her a gift card from CVS, just explain to her you wanted to get her something special from the mall and it was closed so you will pick it up tomorrow instead.” I’m so happy I came to this conclusion instead of getting her something I wasn’t happy with and eating cake to cure my frustrations. After all, I had a great workout yesterday and eating cake wasn’t on my game plan- so why waste my hard work on something I didn’t even really want? Not worth it. I had a piece of chocolate, grabbed her some balloons, and I plan to head to the mall today to get her the gift I had in mind. Problem solved Smile

So, now that my mini-vent session is over, let’s talk about the highlight of my day yesterday- my workout Smile

I went to the gym with my little sister and we decided to do some weights. Remember guys, muscle burns fat. We gotta get that muscle and burn some fat! We experimented with light weights on the squat rack:


That’s my little sister modeling for my blog Smile love her <3

Please make sure to talk to a trainer before trying exercise that requires proper form, like squatting. It can really hurt your back if you aren’t doing it properly so PLEASE ask a trainer at your gym before you attempt to do it. I don’t want anyone getting hurt- we have work to do and can’t afford to injure ourselves, ladies! Winking smile  Squatting works so many different muscles in your body at once and makes your booty look better- who doesn’t want a better looking booty while burning extra calories and fat? Exactly, so let’s start squatting ladies Winking smile

We did a variety of exercises for out lower body and then I decided to do a bit of cardio to wrap-up the workout. I was getting bored of the treadmill and felt too tired to do the stairs, so I decided to try the cross-trainer. (I forgot to take a picture of it but imagine an elliptical without the moving handles- that’s the cross trainer!) I planned to do 20 minutes but got tired after 10- I told myself to hang on and keep trying and next thing I knew another 5 minutes flew by. I decided to stick it out for another 5 and make my goal of 20 minutes. Don’t you love when you do that? Smile

cross trainer

Guys, I’m so happy I tried this machine. It made me SWEAT. I love sweating, it makes me feel like I got a great workout in.

Yay for a sweaty face! Workout done Smile

So, you see why I didn’t want to end my day eating cake? I would have felt so bad about doing that knowing I worked out so hard in the morning. I’m so happy I didn’t do it Smile Life happens and we get stressed, sad, frustrated- but we can’t let those emotions bring us down even more. If I ate the cake, I would have felt even worse because it wasn’t on my plan and the negative emotions I was feeling would have won. I enjoyed my piece of dark chocolate and ended my night feeling great about the positive choices I made despite of the negative emotions I was feeling earlier. I hope that inspires you guys to do the same and think a little deeper before you decide to give up on the hard work you put in. Did I cry? Yes. Did I vent to my little sister about my frustrations? Yes. But did I eat cake and feel even worse about doing that, too? No. And that makes me very happy Smile

PS- You know I had to put the dark chocolate with sea salt on my oats this morning, of course Smile  (You can read my oatmeal recipe and measurements in this post.)

Sea Salt oatmeal

YUM. Now time to go get a workout in and go get that gift at the mall Smile

Hope you all have a lovely Monday! <3


Feeling the Blues

Good morning friends 🙂

Guys, I am feeling sooooo BLAH the past two days. Yesterday I woke up late to work because I didn’t sleep well the entire night. I was super busy at work and feeling the blues so I just focused on getting my work done and going home to relax. No gym. No nothing.

Last night I told myself I would get up today and get a great workout in before work and start the day off right so I could feel better. Well, remember how I didn’t sleep well the night before? I passed.out.completely. Couldn’t even wake up this morning! lol I guess I made up for the sleep I missed the night before. But that’s okay, getting enough rest is important 🙂

I woke up and made my breakfast as usual. Oats with dark chocolate and peanut butter on the side 🙂

oatmeal with ss

And you know my coffee is never too far behind 😉

coffe cup to go

I drink my coffee in that “to go” cup everyday. I think my brother bought it at 7-Eleven a while back and I have used it ever since. It’s big and fits perfectly in my car cup-holders. So don’t be surprised when you see it often. I love my coffee mugs on the weekends though. Coffee mugs make me happy 🙂

So guys, what do you do when you’re feeling the blues? I’m certain a workout would help and I plan to get a nice sweaty one in tonight to report back to you guys. Ah, the thought of that alone makes me feel better.

I hope you guys have a great day. I’m going to leave you with a beautiful picture of the sunset from Monday night, it was so pretty- I had to stop driving and take a picture. I love how so much nature is captured in the picture, altogether it just made me smile. You know I love me a beautiful sky <3

sunset so pretty

So beautiful 🙂




My Sunday Morning and Saturday afternoon

Good morning Smile

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I love the weekend… especially a 3 day weekend. Ah, it feels so good knowing I can enjoy tomorrow morning at home instead of getting up and going to work.

This morning looked like this:

Todays breakfast

Guys, I am so officially stuck on the dark chocolate chips I recently bought. Like seriously, it’s official. I will always have these around at home. Such a great little treat that isn’t too sweet- a little goes a long way and I’m so happy I discovered these. Don’t you just love when that happens? You find something you really love that’s also good for you? I love that. I keep them sealed in a zip-loc bag in the fridge and grab a few whenever I need them. I think I will be using them daily in my oatmeal, I love the taste so much. Ok I think you guys got the point Smile

Today’s oatmeal didn’t contain the banana half I usually put in because we didn’t have any, so I drizzled a little honey on top and put some peanut butter on the side of the bowl so I could scoop a little with each bite. Perfection.

Yesterday was a really nice day. After writing you guys in the morning, I went straight to the gym. It was soooooo crowded and I was lucky to get a treadmill within 10 minutes of getting there. Ever machine was taken. I must say, I love being at the gym when it’s empty rather than when it’s super crowded. Nevertheless, I got my workout in and I was happy Smile

saturday workout

I jogged/walked/ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then I did some step ups with a ten-pound weight in each hand. Um, this is not easy. You definitely feel the burn. I’m going to stack it up higher next time. The higher you go, the more it hurts.

Hurts so good, that is Winking smile

At this point it was really hard to do much of anything because people were everywhere and I bumped into a family friend who I haven’t seen in a while, so we talked for about 15 minutes. I hate when that happens, but I loved seeing her so it’s okay Smile

I headed home, took a shower and made this yummy egg, spinach, cheese and turkey sandwich on low-carb wheat bread:

egg sandwhich

Um, can you say YUM? So good. I used one whole egg and two additional egg whites. I let the spinach wilt in the pan, cracked the eggs on top, added a dash of salt and pepper and placed them on top of the cheese and turkey on the bread. Fast, easy, healthy and filling.

After that I was off to start my day. I decided I wanted to do something nice for myself and went to get my nails done. It’s been so long and I can’t stand not having my nails looking nice. Crazy how something so small can make you feel so good. Having my nails done makes me feel pretty and put together, even if I’m in sweats lol

Finally. Now time to let them grow. I got gel so hopefully it stays on long and gives me motivation to keep them growing.

On my way home I caught such a beautiful sunset, I had to take pictures.

sunset 1

sunset 2

So pretty, right? I love me a pretty sky. Sunsets and sunrises are my favorite and I’m always happy to be out catching one. <3

I hope you guys are having a great weekend and trying to fit in some workouts and healthy eats. Remember, it’s up to you what you eat and what you do for yourself. So please do what makes you happy both in the now and in the long-run, because you deserve to be happy Smile


Perfect Cup of Coffee

ood morning my fellow coffee lovers Smile

If you aren’t a coffee lover, you do not belong here. LOL just kidding! Please stay Smile

But if you know me, you know I love my coffee. And I just have to say this morning’s cup was amazing. You know that first sip, how it just makes every problem go away and automatically makes you happy? Ah, if only the feeling would last longer than that first sip.

Sometimes, the first sip is extra special. When you take it and you’re thinking  “Oh my gosh, it tastes so AMAZING today!!”- that’s how I felt this morning <3

morning bliss

Coffee, I love you. Guys, I seriously thank God for coffee. I love it that much, it just makes me so thankful to be alive and enjoy it. It’s what I look forward to when I wake up in the morning and what I look forward to when I got to sleep at night. Ok, I’ll stop now. I think you guys got the point Smile I LOVE COFFEE.

I didn’t get a workout in yesterday because my schedule was off due to the snow. I went into work late waiting for the sun to melt the snow a bit, which it did thank God. Then, I stayed at work later than usual. Once I got home, I was hungry and so tired.

I had a bit of a headache and really wanted something warm. Another popular Middle Eastern dish is one that is called “Molokheeya.” Don’t stress about pronouncing that right lol It reminds me of spinach,  but soupier. Like Spinach, it has a bitter taste but once you add some lemon, POW! It’s delicious. My mom loves it and makes it all the time, so I grew up eating it. I heated some up with lemon and chicken and that was the perfect cure for my headache last night Smile You can read more about it here. Here it is boiling on the stove, do you see the steam?


This morning I woke up feeling much better after a good night’s sleep. I thought about what I wanted for breakfast and oatmeal came to mind. Guys, I was never a big oatmeal lover. But I have learned to fall in love with it. It keeps me full and satisfied, which I am so thankful for. Anyone trying to lose weight knows the importance of eating something healthy, filling and yummy- it helps us stay happy knowing it tastes good, it’s good for us and it’s good to keep us full and not thinking about what we want to eat next. What’s better than that? Coffee. Lol! Just kidding Winking smile

What keeps me happy with oatmeal is the creaminess- I’m all about the creamy! This morning I really just wanted something plain and simple, plain and creamy. So I made my oatmeal sans honey and took it off the stove before the milk got too absorbed. I added some dark chocolate chips that I mentioned the other day and took a little bit with each bite- so perfect.

plain oatmeal

It was so YUM. Especially with my coffee <3

I hope you guys have a great Saturday. I hope to get a workout in and I will keep you posted if I do! Please follow me on instagram and keep up with what I’m doing if you would like Smile @CoffeeLoveHealthJourney