How to say NO to the Oreo!

Good morning guys Smile

It’s a snow day here in the DMV and everyone’s stuck at home. I woke up and what did I do first? Went straight to the kitchen to make coffee of course Smile <3

I walked in and the first thing I saw was these:

pb oreos

Peanut Butter Oreos EXIST?!?!One of my favorite cookies combined with one of my favorite things? Is the world working against me or something guys? I’m not gonna lie, the first thing I thought was “have some Oreos with your coffee” (because what’s better with coffee than something sweet?) I was close to giving in but then I talked to myself for a second as I made coffee and said, will eating the Oreos make me happy? Will I feel good afterwards? If I continue giving in and not focusing on what I’m eating, will I ever achieve my goal and get rid of this tummy? Once I eat it, I will stress again about my poor choice and worry about the weight I want to lose.

That was enough to calm me down and make me realize that ultimately, the food I eat in the moment (although it might taste amazing) is not going to make me permanently feel amazing. I will feel amazing when I feel confident, and I will feel confident when I accomplish my goals and feel good about myself. Who’s with me?

So instead, I decided I will make my banana oatmeal and add some dark chocolate chips and peanut butter- that way I can kinda taste the oreos but in a healthier form Winking smile

I got dark chocolate chips (lower in sugar than milk chocolate) to keep handy if I want to make healthy snacks with some sweetness involved. If you look at the nutritional information, you will notice the sugar level isn’t too high. I didn’t even use the serving size (16 chips). Trust me guys, a little goes a long way. Especially when they melt on top of your oatmeal Smile

dark choc

dark choc nutrition

Altogether now:

pb choc oatmeal

And we can’t forget my favorite part of the morning of course…

oatmeal and coffee

Coffee makes everything better <3

I’m so happy I made the healthier choice. This is just a reminder of how we can still enjoy ourselves eating healthy. It tastes good and more importantly, it makes us feel good. We gotta make ourselves feel good, right guys? We are worth being happy Smile So don’t let an Oreo fool you- it won’t make you happy for long! lol

The gym is open today, so my brothers plan on shoveling and we hope to hit the gym later. I’ll keep you all posted on the workout today! Smile

Do you have any tricks to keep you eating healthy while still also enjoying?

I would love to hear your tips too Smile




  1. Haha – I love this!! These are the mental battles I have constantly, and mostly overcome these thoughts, but sometimes give in, then feel bad about it!
    Thanks for posting, I love seeing that other people are in exactly the same boat! Kate,

    • coffeelovehealth says:

      Yes girl I’m TOTALLY in this boat! lol But like you said, when we give in, we feel bad. We gotta focus on what makes us feel good :) (no matter how good the oreo looks) lol!


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