Snow Don’t Stop My Workout Flow!

Good morning friends Smile

The snow has finally stopped falling here in the DMV and the sun is coming up. I thought I would have another day off but it looks like there’s hope to go into work. But first, let’s talk about yesterday. Yesterday, oh my.

I told you guys in yesterday’s post that I wanted to go to the gym and get a workout in. To my surprise, the gym was open. They opened late and closed early, so I was on a mission to get in there at some point.

After the snow plows came to our neighborhood, the roads looked clear so I felt safe leaving. My brother cleaned the cars and shoveled the snow for us- gotta love little brothers Smile

When I finally left, it had started snowing again:

snow before

The road wasn’t even looking that clear anymore and I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous… but still determined Winking smile I figured I could go get a nice sweat in quickly, which I did. 20 minutes on the stairmaster will guarantee a sweat indeed:

workout results

workout time

workout distance

Is it weird that I was bothered at the 1.76 miles distance and wished I got to 2 miles flat since I was already so close? Oh well, I was sweating and it was still snowing outside, so that was enough to keep me off the machine and heading home.

after workout 2

after workout 1

Do you see the sweat? I swear I was sweating guys! lol

I decided to do some planks and push-ups before leaving but that didn’t last too long, I was really nervous about the road. I finally got up and left, it was getting worse outside for sure:

snow after

I drove home veryyyyy slowly and got home safe thank God Smile I was so happy that I got a workout in but I wouldn’t attempt doing that again, safety first! Although, I am still really happy about the workout Winking smile It just makes me feel so good when I sweat because I know I’m that much closer to reaching my goal.

I’ve added many of you on instagram (@CoffeeLoveHealthJourney) and I appreciate the love and kind words left on my “before and after” pictures so much. I plan on putting together a detailed post about my weight history and weight-loss journey for all of you so stay tuned Smile

For now, time to enjoy breakfast and coffee before work Smile

morning coffee

Be safe and warm wherever you are!




  1. Good for you. The whack snow day we had put a damper on my workout. That weather looks cray! Glad you made it home safe!

    • coffeelovehealth says:

      Thank you honey! I’m so happy the snow isn’t in the way anymore. Last week was NOT fun. The streets are clear now and the sun is out- No more excuses to skip out on the gym! lol

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