Let’s Talk About “That Time”

Before I start, can we just take a minute to thank God for whoever the genius is out there who decided to combine Sea Salt and Chocolate? Thank you. I love you. Seriously, like, I really love you. When I see a variety of chocolate in front of me, I always go with whatever includes Sea Salt. Have you guys tried this stuff? Amazing.


I made a stop at CVS last night and when I walked passed this, I knew I needed to take some home. I haven’t tried the coconut yet, because obviously from what you just read above, I would go for the Sea Salt first- and oh boy, am I glad I did. It hit the spot at the perfect time.

Last night I was feeling a bit “blah.” It was a frustrating evening and let’s be honest, I just felt like crying and eating chocolate. It’s that time guys, you know, that time- when crying and eating chocolate is the cure for everything. Until you do it and then feel bad about all the chocolate you consumed- yup, you know what I’m talking about Winking smile

We had a last-minute little dinner celebration at our house for my sister-in-law’s birthday last night. I had set out to go get her something nice from the mall and went all the way there to find it was closed. I completely forgot the mall closes early on Sundays. I wanted to do something nice for her so badly and I was so disappointed that I didn’t go earlier. Among other things that I was feeling down about, this was the cherry on top for me and I immediately said to myself “Ugh. I’m gonna go back home and eat cake tonight and just not think about anything.” I felt so down and disappointed and wanted to give up on everything. Dramatic? Yes.

That’s when I went to CVS. I thought I would just get her a gift card from there and that’s where I saw the chocolate. I stopped and told myself, “instead of cake, buy this dark chocolate and enjoy a piece. Instead of getting her a gift card from CVS, just explain to her you wanted to get her something special from the mall and it was closed so you will pick it up tomorrow instead.” I’m so happy I came to this conclusion instead of getting her something I wasn’t happy with and eating cake to cure my frustrations. After all, I had a great workout yesterday and eating cake wasn’t on my game plan- so why waste my hard work on something I didn’t even really want? Not worth it. I had a piece of chocolate, grabbed her some balloons, and I plan to head to the mall today to get her the gift I had in mind. Problem solved Smile

So, now that my mini-vent session is over, let’s talk about the highlight of my day yesterday- my workout Smile

I went to the gym with my little sister and we decided to do some weights. Remember guys, muscle burns fat. We gotta get that muscle and burn some fat! We experimented with light weights on the squat rack:


That’s my little sister modeling for my blog Smile love her <3

Please make sure to talk to a trainer before trying exercise that requires proper form, like squatting. It can really hurt your back if you aren’t doing it properly so PLEASE ask a trainer at your gym before you attempt to do it. I don’t want anyone getting hurt- we have work to do and can’t afford to injure ourselves, ladies! Winking smile  Squatting works so many different muscles in your body at once and makes your booty look better- who doesn’t want a better looking booty while burning extra calories and fat? Exactly, so let’s start squatting ladies Winking smile

We did a variety of exercises for out lower body and then I decided to do a bit of cardio to wrap-up the workout. I was getting bored of the treadmill and felt too tired to do the stairs, so I decided to try the cross-trainer. (I forgot to take a picture of it but imagine an elliptical without the moving handles- that’s the cross trainer!) I planned to do 20 minutes but got tired after 10- I told myself to hang on and keep trying and next thing I knew another 5 minutes flew by. I decided to stick it out for another 5 and make my goal of 20 minutes. Don’t you love when you do that? Smile

cross trainer

Guys, I’m so happy I tried this machine. It made me SWEAT. I love sweating, it makes me feel like I got a great workout in.

sweaty face

Yay for a sweaty face! Workout done Smile

So, you see why I didn’t want to end my day eating cake? I would have felt so bad about doing that knowing I worked out so hard in the morning. I’m so happy I didn’t do it Smile Life happens and we get stressed, sad, frustrated- but we can’t let those emotions bring us down even more. If I ate the cake, I would have felt even worse because it wasn’t on my plan and the negative emotions I was feeling would have won. I enjoyed my piece of dark chocolate and ended my night feeling great about the positive choices I made despite of the negative emotions I was feeling earlier. I hope that inspires you guys to do the same and think a little deeper before you decide to give up on the hard work you put in. Did I cry? Yes. Did I vent to my little sister about my frustrations? Yes. But did I eat cake and feel even worse about doing that, too? No. And that makes me very happy Smile

PS- You know I had to put the dark chocolate with sea salt on my oats this morning, of course Smile  (You can read my oatmeal recipe and measurements in this post.)

Sea Salt oatmeal

YUM. Now time to go get a workout in and go get that gift at the mall Smile

Hope you all have a lovely Monday! <3




  1. hahahaha i have a similar reaction during that time. give me the chocolate or else. :) sorry you were feeling blue… i hope you feel better now. :) xoxoxoxo!!!

    • coffeelovehealth says:

      Thank you, hun :) You’re the sweetest. I am feeling better now. Your blog and Henry updates always make me happy :) <3

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