Feeling the Blues

Good morning friends :)

Guys, I am feeling sooooo BLAH the past two days. Yesterday I woke up late to work because I didn’t sleep well the entire night. I was super busy at work and feeling the blues so I just focused on getting my work done and going home to relax. No gym. No nothing.

Last night I told myself I would get up today and get a great workout in before work and start the day off right so I could feel better. Well, remember how I didn’t sleep well the night before? I passed.out.completely. Couldn’t even wake up this morning! lol I guess I made up for the sleep I missed the night before. But that’s okay, getting enough rest is important :)

I woke up and made my breakfast as usual. Oats with dark chocolate and peanut butter on the side :)

oatmeal with ss

And you know my coffee is never too far behind ;)

coffe cup to go

I drink my coffee in that “to go” cup everyday. I think my brother bought it at 7-Eleven a while back and I have used it ever since. It’s big and fits perfectly in my car cup-holders. So don’t be surprised when you see it often. I love my coffee mugs on the weekends though. Coffee mugs make me happy :)

So guys, what do you do when you’re feeling the blues? I’m certain a workout would help and I plan to get a nice sweaty one in tonight to report back to you guys. Ah, the thought of that alone makes me feel better.

I hope you guys have a great day. I’m going to leave you with a beautiful picture of the sunset from Monday night, it was so pretty- I had to stop driving and take a picture. I love how so much nature is captured in the picture, altogether it just made me smile. You know I love me a beautiful sky <3

sunset so pretty

So beautiful :)




  1. What a gorgeous photo! It really makes me feel happy.
    And I have to tell you – your idea of breakfast might be perfection.

    • coffeelovehealth says:

      I’m so happy it makes you feel happy, beautiful pictures of nature make me feel happy too :) And honey please try the oatmeal- SO good! :) xoxo

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