Motivate the Mind: Being Positive & Optimistic

Hello friends :)

I’ve been MIA for about a week… not cool, not cool. I’m sorry. :( Forgive me? Please? Okay good :)

I’m checking in with you guys today because last night I told myself “that’s it, you gotta get back into doing what you love and what makes you happy.” So, I’m writing you all this morning :)

todays desk

Notice the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup? I’ve been on a kick lately, going to the DD drive-thru to pick up my coffee on my way to work instead of making it at home. I love Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, it’s actually what I use when I make coffee at home. I haven’t been doing that too much this past week, though:

dunkin donuts cup

If you read my last post, you know I was feeling a bit blue last week. When I start thinking too much and getting worried, I tend to feel weighed down. I go into my “don’t care about anything” mood. And do you know what that mood means? It means I  stop doing whatever is in my routine (like, for example, making my coffee and breakfast at home each morning- hence the “to go” coffee cups appearing so much this past week). I don’t like going into this mood because clearly, it’s not a happy mood. Even if it’s easier to “not care about anything,” it doesn’t necessarily make me happy. It doesn’t make me happy at all, as a matter of fact. I spend more money, I don’t exercise- and guess what that does? It stresses me out. Clearly, not a great cycle to be in.

When I feel like I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m not in control of a situation, I think I worry so much and I stop controlling even the things that are in my control. I guess it makes me feel like I might as well give up on everything since I can’t control everything. That’s not a smart way to think and it also isn’t a positive way to think. Please don’t get me wrong- I am an extremely positive person. I get weighed down by the negativity of others and I need to accept that I just simply can’t control how other people think or feel. But, I can control how I feel. No matter how upset I am, working out and eating healthy always makes me happy. I need to focus on that because what’s better than focusing on the positive? It’s always better than focusing on the negative. And I need to remind myself that.



I am going to focus on being positive and not letting my mind wonder and worry. If my mind is motivated and happy, I have no doubt I will feel more motivated and happy. Am I rambling on guys or do I make sense? I’m thinking out loud here, clearly, but I think you get the point :)

If you’ve been reading my blog, you have read this post and you kind of get an idea of why I am stressing a little too much about the future. I believe that it’s all in God’s hands and we aren’t psychic- we simply never know what’s going to happen next in our lives. But that’s the beauty about life, it’s full of surprises- some make us happy and some make us sad. However, we are  in control of a huge part of our lives, and that’s how we make ourselves feel. Aside from any stress, hardship, or crazy situation we might be in, are we treating ourselves with the love and patience we would hope others would give us during a tough time? I believe it’s so important that we love ourselves and do whatever it is we need to do to make ourselves feel good, regardless of how stressful life might be.

love yourself (oh how I love this picture! <3)

I know what makes me feel good- and that’s taking care of me, exercising, eating healthy, making food at home (it’s healthier and cheaper!), and being optimistic. There’s nothing more I love than seeing the people I love happy, but that means I should focus on what makes me happy, also. So I’m here to say I’m back doing what makes me happy :) I know I’ve been struggling with this “on and off” thing, but I hope I can motivate you to stay “on” in case you are struggling with this too. I know all the blogs I read and all the ladies I follow on instagram always motivate me to continue trying to be the best me I can be, and I hope I can motivate you to do the same :)




  1. Your Dunkin Donut’s coffee-splendor just reminded me of my cousin. Everytime she calls me (every single time), she puts me on hold to order DD at the drive through. It got so bad, I don’t even answer her calls anymore. LOL!

    …first time here. hello and nice to meet ya. ;)

    • coffeelovehealth says:

      LOL that’s so funny. Girl, us coffee lovers don’t waste any time in getting to our cup of coffee, even if it means putting our cousins on hold ;) lol Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy your blog :)

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