Weddings & Work, Oh my!

Gooooooood morning beautiful people!

I feel super excited to be writing this morning, like I am catching up with a girlfriend and updating her about all the craziness going on in life right now. I feel like all my readers are my girlfriends, so, same thing :) Let’s have coffee and talk ;)

me today

I finished a deadline for work and it’s been SO crazy trying to get everything done, but, I did it! I must say, my blogging under stress is not going well, clearly. But I want to get better. I NEED to get better. I really need to focus on handling my stress better- who’s with me? It might sound weird guys, but when things are crazy and I think of my blog- I swear I feel this big sense of relief and excitement. Like this is my getaway. I’m so thankful for it. And so thankful for anyone who’s reading and sharing my story with me <3

So here are some updates. One of my younger brothers is getting married next month. Also, I just found out that my younger sister, who is engaged to her fiance who lives in Texas, just got a job in the DMV. And guess what else? HE DID TOO!! So that means she is staying here… yayyyyyyyyy!!!! With the two of them finally settling in the same area, I think they will probably start planning a wedding soon. Two siblings, two weddings- what does that mean? Two dresses, of course ;)

Anyone who has been on a weight-loss journey understands the stress associated with big events. I automatically think “I want to look nice, I have to look nice- I can’t have another special event pass feeling like I don’t feel my best and everyone else does.”

So, with that said, I plan on getting my butt into gear- with or without stressful things going on at home/in my life/etc. I have to make my health a priority! We all do <3

Also, tomorrow’s pay day and I need to tackle my credit card bill- I’m not excited. At all.

I think it might be time to make a budget and knock out any debt I have- because that is also causing me stress and discomfort. I think meal planning is in order- I know I spend way too much money buying food instead of bringing it from home… ugh why does it have to taste so much better when I don’t prepare it? lol

Stay tuned for all the updates in planning to tackle my bills and MAKING SURE to fit in my workouts. For now though, back to work.

my desk

Oh, and a picture of the sky from last night after it rained- you know I love me a pretty sky :)

sky last night

Have a great day :) xoxo


  1. Are you enjoying the snow? I’m sure it will definitely spark creativity haha. I’m a newbie blogger so I take things slow and don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to produce a lot of content weekly. Best of luck getting finances and meal planning in order! Stay safe out there and have a great one Aishah! -Iva

  2. Oh I know how stressful weight loss can be. The pressure is multiplied by 20 when you have a skinny, pretty younger sister who you are always compared to. I am at the biggest I have ever been and it’s taking a toll on my body. I am going to kick my butt in gear and hope to lose 30 pounds by the fall. I will keep coming back to support you on your journey. Healthy girls of the world need to stick together. Good luck.

  3. Yay Dunkin! What a beautiful sky :)

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